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Burglars tend to avoid houses with security systems.

security alarm system

Monitoring service, which notifies the police or fire department, can cost $40 or more per month. But if you shop around, you can get it for about $10 per month. Some alarm installers recommend eliminating window transmitters and installing motion sensors instead. These sensors are similar to the motion detectors that turn on outdoor floodlights. That approach can cut costs, but we don’t recommend it. Motion sensors cause the majority of false alarms. Worse, they detect burglars only after they’ve entered your home. That can create a dangerous situation where you come face to face with a burglar in your hallway. Door and window transmitters are the only way to detect break ins immediately. Don’t let anyone convince you that motion detectors alone are a substitute for them. Glass breakage sensors are available too, but are optional.

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This was the last of our wireless security cameras reviews.

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